• The rise and rise of polymer concrete

    Traditional concrete has served society for millennia, forming the backbone of our cities and infrastructure. But as demands for...

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  • The case for autonomous demolition robots

    The construction industry is no stranger to innovation - and autonomous demolition robots are a prime example of how technology is...

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  • Reclaiming polluted land for a sustainable future

    Across the globe, sprawling industrial landscapes and abandoned sites cast long shadows, remnants of our dependence on heavy industry and...

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  • Exploring innovations in glass construction

    From the towering skylines of Dubai to the intricate facades of museums, glass has become a defining element of modern architecture. Yet,...

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Exploring AR and VR in the Construction

In today's rapidly evolving construction landscape, technological innovations are reshaping traditional practices and paving the way for more efficient and effective project execution. Among these...

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Steel - The future of this construction powerhouse

Steel, the ubiquitous metal that has shaped skylines and infrastructure for centuries, sits at a crossroads. While it remains a dominant force in construction, with a global market size exceeding...

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How engineers and designers are transforming the world of bridge building

Bridges have served as crucial connectors for centuries, fostering trade, facilitating travel, and symbolising progress. Today, the field of bridge building is experiencing a renaissance, driven by...

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How the Statue of Liberty launched offsite construction

In the heart of New York City stands an iconic symbol of freedom and democracy - the Statue of Liberty. But what many may not realise is that this monumental structure arrived in...

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Timber framed buildings - where history meets the unusual

In the world of architecture, few things stand the test of time like timber-framed buildings. From the Tudor type cottages in the English countryside to the grand halls of...

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The quirky world of industrial doors

Industrial doors are often seen as utilitarian giants, guarding warehouses and factories, devoid of personality. But step closer, and you might be surprised. From hidden messages...

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David Bailey Furniture Systems relaunches its new Toprail division

David Bailey Furniture Systems, a leading manufacturer of high-quality fitted furniture solutions, has officially relaunched Toprail as a dynamic and innovative new division of its business,...

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Industry premier for MOVU robotics

Inspiring progress in warehouse and logistics practices is essential to streamlined, cost-effective operations. So, step forward Movu Robotics, which is launching a world-leading range of automated...

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Future of steel in construction

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Polymer Concrete: The Future of Construction

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Are Humans Obsolete or Why Robots Will Own Demolition

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Case Studies

Briggs challenging multiple-roof application

BriggsAmasco carried out a challenging multiple-roof application to enshrine the...

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Canopies and baffles for Edinburgh University

St Leonard’s Land at the University of Edinburgh is a campus building that has a...

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Complex roofing project shows high levels of expertise

BriggsAmasco operatives overcame challenges relating to an intricate green roof...

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