• Exploring innovations in waterproof coatings

    The world of waterproof coatings is constantly evolving, driven by advancements in material science, sustainability concerns and the...

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  • The rising challenge of construction waste

    As the construction industry shapes our built environment it generates a staggering amount of waste, a silent crisis threatening to bury...

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  • The great Lisbon earthquake and seismic design

    On a seemingly ordinary day, November 1st, 1755, a tremor unlike any other ripped through Lisbon, Portugal. The Great Lisbon Earthquake,...

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  • Sonic construction – the potential to build with sound

    The construction industry, for all its advancements in materials and machinery, still relies heavily on physical manipulation. The very act...

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Addressing the challenge of aging infrastructure

Beneath our busy city streets and towering buildings lies a hidden network of veins and arteries. It’s the infrastructure that keeps our urban centres functioning - from water pipes to sewers, much...

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The concrete jungle and its quest for sustainability

While it may seem like a simple building material, the concrete market is in fact a complex and dynamic industry poised for significant growth in the coming years. A recent report by Allied Market...

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How gaming technology is revolutionising construction

The construction industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies compared to other sectors. However, over the past five to six years, a significant shift has occurred with the...

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Unveiling the history and applications of duct tape

Duct tape, this versatile roll of grey wonder has patched countless leaky pipes, secured wobbly furniture and served as a temporary solution for a multitude of problems. But have...

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Fazlur Rahman Khan - the father of tubular designs

Have you ever wondered how modern skyscrapers - these giants of steel and glass manage to defy gravity and reach such dizzying heights? The answer lies in the pioneering work of...

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“Galloping Gertie” - the bridge with a wind problem

In 1940, Washington state, USA, witnessed a marvel of modern engineering. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge, a majestic suspension bridge, which promised a brighter future officially...

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New fire safety CPD

Sika, a leading provider of high-quality roofing solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Continuing Professional Development (CPD), “Fire Safety in Buildings – Fire Regulation...

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Fission family for sustainability

Zentia’s Fission family is made up of three of its most popular ceiling tiles. Offering perfectly balanced and affordable acoustic performance alongside a range of differing semi-bevelled visuals, it...

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Check out this formwork and hydraulic climbing system

High specification formwork, from Doka, along with its innovative hydraulic...

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Zentia’s Biobloc and Aquabloc Tiles correct fit for healthcare project

Chesterfield Hospital has opened the doors to its brand new, £26 million A&E department,...

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Aruba - keeping the trust

Trusted by generations of architects and installers, Aruba is specified throughout the UK...

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