• Rethinking demolition in a carbon-conscious age

    The global market for demolition and renovation is vast, with estimates suggesting a combined value exceeding $5 trillion USD annually....

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  • Green construction – set for massive year on year growth

    The global construction industry is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by a growing awareness of the environmental impact of...

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  • Lost in translation - how language barriers endanger construction workers

    Language barriers on construction sites pose a significant threat to worker safety and can lead to serious accidents and even fatalities. A...

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  • Algae-based bitumen – the future for sustainable roads?

    It’s an undeniable fact - traditional bitumen, the sticky black binder that holds asphalt together, the major material used to pave our...

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Time to take a fresh look at construction contracts

The construction industry has been traditionally known for its adversarial contracting practices - however, a new wave of thinking is emerging, driven by the need for greater efficiency, innovation...

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Why cybersecurity could be construction’s “Achilles’ Heel”

The construction industry, is undergoing a digital revolution. From design software and project management platforms to connected equipment and drone inspections, digital tools are transforming the...

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How the “black stuff” is paving the way to sustainability

Asphalt, that ubiquitous black surface, coating our roads, pavements and car parks, is often seen as a necessary, but somewhat unremarkable material. However, ongoing advancements in asphalt...

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Exploring superstitions in modern construction

It would seem - that even in these modern times – many in the world of construction - still believe in ancient superstitions and folklore. The evidence is all anecdotal, of...

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The unlikely architect - unveiling the mystery of Le Palais Idéal

In the heart of the Drôme region of France, nestled amidst rolling hills and quaint villages, stands a structure unlike any other. Le Palais Idéal (The Ideal Palace) isn't your...

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A look inside China’s architectural symphony

You do not expect to see a giant, glistening piano appearing on the horizon, but this is no mirage – it's the iconic Piano House, a marvel of quirky architecture that blends art,...

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Pexhurst host sustainability event

With sustainability being a key focus for the built environment, encouraging conversation and educating industry professionals on the importance of designing and building future-proof buildings is...

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Automatic fire suppression market expected to reach $22.31 billion by 2028

The global market for automatic fire suppression systems is projected to reach $22.31 billion by 2028, according to a new report by The Business Research Company. This represents a Compound Annual...

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Still counting the cost of devastating fire

After a devastating fire destroyed its original unsprinklered warehouse in 2021, a...

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Award-Winning terrazzo floor anchors new US Naval Academy Alumni Centre

The United States Naval Academy's prestigious new Fluegel Alumni Center boasts a stunning...

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Acoustic baffles at HTC Architects

HTC Architects, a leading architectural practice working across the UK, recently decided...

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