• Building boom or carbon doom? The debate continues

    The construction industry is booming. Cities are expanding, infrastructure needs are growing and the demand for new, energy-efficient...

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  • How the knowledge gap threatens the electrical industry

    The electrical industry is undergoing a major change. Today’s electricians are on the cusp of a technological revolution, delivering...

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  • Nanotechnology – the future of waterproofing

    From the dawn of time, builders have worked to keep out the rain. Today the waterproofing industry worldwide is worth billions and in spite...

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  • Developing smart leak detection systems for a water-wise future

    Leaking pipes are a silent enemy in homes and commercial buildings. A seemingly insignificant drip can escalate into a major catastrophe,...

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The rise of the robo-crew on construction sites

A revolution is brewing on construction sites, driven by advancements in robotics. It started to happen big time in 2020 and just four years later it is becoming a reality where tireless robots...

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How this furniture factory could have been saved from fire

An early morning blaze at an industrial estate in Blackburn destroyed the production facilities of a local furniture upholsterer. The devastating fire swept through the unsprinklered upholstery unit,...

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The Brick Bud - helping safeguard bricklayers on construction sites

It is a subject and a health and safety concern we hear little about – but for the world’s bricklayers – it is the difference between life, death or serious injury. The danger is known as wall...

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Exoskeletons that will transform construction

We have all seen the “Terminator” films and “Iron “Man” where it is possible to do some amazing things. Just think what could happen if you were able to lift heavier materials,...

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The Hoover Dam’s concrete still curing after 80 years

Standing proudly amidst the rugged terrain of the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam is a just a marvel of engineering and a testament to the precision and foresight of its builders....

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Let’s give the “Wright” name to construction workers

There was a time in the past when construction workers were respected as revered craftspeople known as "wrights." The term "wright" has its roots in the Old English word "wyrhta,"...

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Wall absorbers to ease acoustic design

Zentia, the UK’s market leader in complete ceiling solutions, is excited to announce the official launch of its latest product, the Sonify Wall Absorbers Grid System. Launched on 10th April and...

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The perfect blend for timber framed homes

Modern construction requires materials that respond to ever growing demands in terms of versatility, sustainability, performance and much more. SMARTPLY, a highly engineered OSB wood-based panel, is...

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The concrete artist who revolutionised bridge building

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Offsite construction and the Statue of Liberty

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Help from above with Smartroof

Offering reduced build times, consistent thermal performance as well as health and safety...

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Crucial new transport link to cancer care centre

Doka’s versatile ParaTop bridge formwork provided the ideal solution for the rapid,...

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Multimillion expansion at South Harbour - Aberdeen

Doka supplied the specialist formwork and technical support to facilitate a multimillion...

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