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Welcome, intrepid explorers of the built environment! This is Construct IQ, your portal to the unexpected, the ingenious, and the downright fascinating within the dynamic world of construction. This is the ultimate website for unusual facts about the world of construction. Forget predictable cad drawings and every day building materials – here, we crack open the curiosity cabinet and delve into the quirky, the cutting-edge, and the mind-bending innovations that are reshaping how we build.

Think outside the brick-and-mortar box. This is the real world of unusual, quirky and interesting facts and myths about construction.  Imagine living walls that breathe and heal, homes conjured from pixels in a day, or underwater metropolises shimmering beneath the waves. We're talking mushrooms powering structures, AI predicting construction hiccups before they happen, and even robots waltzing on job sites.

This is no dusty attic of outdated practices. Construct IQ is your daily dose of building brilliance, where the unusual and quirky in construction sparks the ingenious. We'll journey beyond the blueprints to uncover the groundbreaking technologies, unconventional materials, and audacious visions pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Join us as we interview pioneering architects, engineers, and visionaries who are redefining the very essence of construction. We'll explore emerging trends, challenge your assumptions, and ignite your imagination with possibilities you never knew existed.

Forget ordinary, embrace extraordinary. This is your platform to stay ahead of the curve, build your knowledge, and fuel your construction curiosity. So, buckle up, fellow adventurers, and prepare to embark on a whirlwind tour of the future of building.

The only limit is your imagination. Welcome to Construct IQ - your place to explore unusual, quirky and fascinating facts about construction.

How the Statue of Liberty launched offsite construction

In the heart of New York City stands an iconic symbol of freedom and democracy - the Statue of Liberty. But what many may not realise is that this monumental structure arrived in the United States in...

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Timber framed buildings - where history meets the unusual

In the world of architecture, few things stand the test of time like timber-framed buildings. From the Tudor type cottages in the English countryside to the grand halls of medieval Europe, these...

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The quirky world of industrial doors

Industrial doors are often seen as utilitarian giants, guarding warehouses and factories, devoid of personality. But step closer, and you might be surprised. From hidden messages to soundproof...

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Designing vertical farms in the sky

There are some big cities in the world where you can look out of your window at a vibrant tapestry of lettuce, kale, and herbs cascading down the side of an apartment building. This is not science...

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The unconventional in Europe’s housing market

Europe's housing market is a complex tapestry woven with diverse trends, challenges, and peculiarities. While headlines often focus on skyrocketing prices and affordability woes, there's a richer...

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How Bees are shaping Singapore’s green skyline

Modern office and apartment blocks in Singapore are working to save the environment, helping to protect a special insect – one that is crucial to preserving the entire global food chain. It is here -...

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Exploring the Great Wall of China’s underwater secrets

The Great Wall of China, a serpentine dragon weaving across mountains and plains, is a symbol of resilience and cultural heritage. But what if you knew that a portion of this iconic landmark exists...

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The Chrysler Building - the gilded tower that never was

The New York skyline is a testament to architectural ambition, each skyscraper reaching up with its own story to tell. Among them, the Chrysler Building stands out, not just for its elegant Art Deco...

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Modern green roofs and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Towering terraces adorned with lush greenery, cascading waterfalls singing their symphony against sun-baked bricks, and exotic blooms painting a vibrant portrait against the azure sky – this is the...

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