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This is Construct IQ, a dynamic portal to the weird, the unexpected, the ingenious, and the downright fascinating within the world of construction. This is the ultimate website for unusual, weird and fun facts about the building business. Forget predictable cad drawings and every day building materials – here, we crack open the curiosity cabinet and delve into the quirky, the cutting-edge, and the mind-bending innovations that are reshaping construction.

Think outside the brick-and-mortar box. This is where you will find stories that illustrate the weird, the quirky and the fun facts and myths about construction.  Imagine living walls that breathe and heal, homes conjured from pixels in a day, or underwater metropolises shimmering beneath the waves. We're talking mushrooms powering structures, AI predicting construction hiccups before they happen, and even robots waltzing on job sites. The only limit is your imagination. Welcome to Construct IQ - your place to explore unusual, quirky and fun facts about construction and much more.

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Unveiling the history and applications of duct tape

Duct tape, this versatile roll of grey wonder has patched countless leaky pipes, secured wobbly furniture and served as a temporary solution for a multitude of problems. But have you ever stopped to...

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Fazlur Rahman Khan - the father of tubular designs

Have you ever wondered how modern skyscrapers - these giants of steel and glass manage to defy gravity and reach such dizzying heights? The answer lies in the pioneering work of Bangladeshi-American...

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“Galloping Gertie” - the bridge with a wind problem

In 1940, Washington state, USA, witnessed a marvel of modern engineering. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge, a majestic suspension bridge, which promised a brighter future officially opened, connecting...

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The nicknames behind 23 of the world’s most iconic buildings

Skyscrapers are marvels of modern engineering and architecture, rising high above city skylines, where they have become symbols within their respective cities. Why then have many of these towering...

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Exploring superstitions in modern construction

It would seem - that even in these modern times – many in the world of construction - still believe in ancient superstitions and folklore. The evidence is all anecdotal, of course, but our team at...

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The unlikely architect - unveiling the mystery of Le Palais Idéal

In the heart of the Drôme region of France, nestled amidst rolling hills and quaint villages, stands a structure unlike any other. Le Palais Idéal (The Ideal Palace) isn't your typical grand palace -...

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A look inside China’s architectural symphony

You do not expect to see a giant, glistening piano appearing on the horizon, but this is no mirage – it's the iconic Piano House, a marvel of quirky architecture that blends art, music and function...

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Exoskeletons that will transform construction

We have all seen the “Terminator” films and “Iron “Man” where it is possible to do some amazing things. Just think what could happen if you were able to lift heavier materials, reduce muscle strain...

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The Hoover Dam’s concrete still curing after 80 years

Standing proudly amidst the rugged terrain of the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam is a just a marvel of engineering and a testament to the precision and foresight of its builders. More than 80 years...

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