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David Bailey Furniture Systems relaunches its new Toprail division

David Bailey Furniture Systems, a leading manufacturer of high-quality fitted furniture solutions, has officially relaunched Toprail as a dynamic and innovative new division of its business,...

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Industry premier for MOVU robotics

Inspiring progress in warehouse and logistics practices is essential to streamlined, cost-effective operations. So, step forward Movu Robotics, which is launching a world-leading range of automated...

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BDA - celebrating clay bricks

The Brick Development Association (BDA) is commemorating clay brick’s appeal as a building material for the ages with the launch of its Better with Brick campaign. Packed with facts, stats and blogs...

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Knauf sponsors Constructing Excellence Awards

Knauf is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of the Construction Excellence SECBE Awards 2024. The prestigious regional awards, renowned for its commitment to recognising excellence and innovation...

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Introducing River Laminate

Furlong Flooring, a leading name in the flooring industry, is thrilled to introduce its latest breakthrough innovation - River Laminate Flooring. This cutting edge water-resistant laminate flooring...

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Knauf announce partnership with construction charity

Knauf is delighted to announce it is now an official company supporter of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity. The partnership underscores Knauf’s commitment to nurturing a positive impact...

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