• These construction-specific management solutions make light work of arduous manual processes typically managed in manual spreadsheets, and have a plethora of benefits including: tracking job costs in real-time, reporting, billing clients, managing subcontractors and tracking retentions. Contractors can perform these tasks on a single system, which reconciles data from multiple sources to gain one version of the truth on the performance and profitability of every contract. With these solutions now fully cloud-based, contractors of all sizes can manage their construction projects simultaneously on any device with an internet connection. Furthermore, Eque2’s entry-level solution, Construct Express, is now available from just £79 per month and removes all barriers for smaller contractors to take advantage of the functionality historically only enjoyed by larger businesses, without needing to invest heavily in I.T. hardware and support. Integrating seamlessly into Sage 50 Accounts, this new system retains and captures key information about all projects, holding data in one location in the cloud. Construct Express for Sage 50 is built with the smaller contractor in mind; alongside a minimal investment, smaller contractors can rest assured they’re compliant with online CIS verification, and gain complete visibility of costs in real-time to help them protect margins and ensure they remain competitive. Speaking on the launch of Eque2’s cloud-based solutions, Justin Moule, Managing Director, Commercial at Eque2 said: Our launch of Construct for Sage as a cloud-based solution signifies an important milestone for the construction industry. Contractors of all sizes can now benefit from the industry-specific functionality they need to protect margins, ensure compliance, reduce risk and mobilise their workforce – all alongside the comfort and familiarity of Sage Accounts.” Visit:
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  • Parex’ product offering includes facade mortars, tile adhesives and waterproofing mortars. With its expertise in mortar solutions for renovation and new builds, Parex participates in all phases of the construction life cycle. Parex has a particularly strong presence in distribution channels, especially in China, where Parex has built up a network of over 90,000 points of sale. With its strong, recognised brands, Parex is known for its comprehensive R&D expertise and technical excellence. The company is locally present in 23 countries, with key positions in eight core markets, and operates 74 plants around the world. The acquisition of Parex will strengthen Sika’s growth platform. Its mortar business, which is a key growth technology for the group and one of its important earning contributors, will more than double in size to £1.8 billion. Parex’s strong position in distribution channels will open up new business opportunities for Sika’s product range. Parex will gain access to Sika’s well established direct sales channels, and Parex’s expertise in the facade and tile setting business will allow Sika to participate in these growing and attractive market fields. Paul Schuler, CEO of Sika said: “With the acquisition we are bringing together two strong companies. Parex’ and Sika’s joint business activities present an excellent growth platform for both organisations. In addition to the highly complementary fit with regard to product offerings and channels, we also see that Parex and Sika have very similar culture, values and management styles   ̶   with the focus on customer orientation, empowerment, high-quality products and services. The integration planning is well on track, and on-site visits have confirmed the attractiveness of the combination of the two businesses. We are excited to start working together to build our joint successful future. We warmly welcome all employees of Parex to the Sika Family.” Eric Bergé, CEO of Parex said: “I am very proud of what we have achieved. I want to thank the entire Parex team worldwide for their outstanding work. The months spent together with Sika to prepare this day showed how much these two great teams can bring to each other. We can look to the future with confidence.”
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  • The move represents a major coup for VJT, as Mainline Products are a trusted, quality product provider to the rainscreen façades industry. Mark Tomlin, CEO at VJT, which has branches in Kent and Glasgow, said: “This is an exciting acquisition for VJT, as Mainline Products has a superb reputation for high-quality coloured fasteners for the specialist façade market and could see the benefits of greater market reach through our strong technical sales team.  VJT already supplies a range of complementary products to the façades market and we believe that our combined extended product range, coupled with the technical expertise and service excellence for which both businesses are renowned, will create an even more compelling proposition for customers.” Following the acquisition, there will be no change of company name, which will remain as Mainline Products Ltd and be referred to as ‘part of the VJ Technology Group’. Furthermore, there will be no structural changes to the Mainline Products Ltd managerial team, who each bring with them their extensive market knowledge and product experience. Mark Tomlin added: “This is VJT’s first acquisition as an independent company, backed by our investors, Primary Capital and it is important that Mainline Products is recognised as being a fully-integrated part of the growing VJT team and group.”
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  • Contractors working in the domestic market have a powerful tool when it comes to promoting the quality, reliability and sustainability of single ply roofing to their customers. By drawing clients’ attention to the Single Ply Roofing Association’s free Homeowner Guide and the special building and contents insurance offer from GGFi, they can help their clients make informed decisions on design, specification and product choice for their domestic projects. By promoting these resources, the contractor is also demonstrating their own commitment to quality. The SPRA Homeowners Guide provides helpful guidance to homeowners seeking a durable roofing solution with low environmental impact for their home renovation or construction project.  The guide provides concise help on design, materials, choosing a manufacturer and specialist contractor, insurance and durability. There are also useful checklists for key stages such as obtaining quotations. When combined with the unique home buildings and contents insurance scheme offered by GGFi, a single ply flat roof becomes a very attractive option. Ronan Brunton, SPRA Technical Manager said: “Single Ply Roofing membranes have been widely used in commercial buildings in the UK since the 1970s, and it is still relatively new in the domestic market. However, single ply membranes are suited to almost any design challenge and can be used on all kinds of roof shapes. Indeed, a fantastic project ( showcased on Grand Designs ), won the SPRA 2018 Award for Innovation and it was also awarded Highly Commended in the Detail Award category.” Single Ply Roofing has many benefits over other roofing membranes including: It’s easy to install and requires no naked flame; Available in a variety of colours; All single polymeric materials offered by SPRA members are resistant to weathering, chemical oxidation and UV radiation. Careful formulation ensures that physical properties are retained over a temperature range exceeding –300C to +800C to suit the variable climate typical of the UK; The materials used are extremely durable and all SPRA member products are independently certificated for durability in the range 25-40 years as opposed to other types of membrane for which waterproofing is typically certified for 25 years; Single ply membrane receives the best rating for environmental impact (A*) in the BRE ‘Green Guide’ if used on timber panel decks, many of the products are recyclable and because the membranes are laid in a single layer, they are very efficient in the use of resources. Cathie Clarke, SPRA CEO said; “At SPRA our focus is to promote quality and sustainability. We designed the Homeowners Guide so that it provides information in a clear, simple and easy to understand format. We want to support homeowners to achieve the best possible results on any given renovation or improvement project.” The Homeowner’s Guide to Single Ply Roofing is now available as a free download from the SPRA website;  
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  • Developed, re-engineered and designed for ease of installation and to provide a neat mortarless finish at roof verges on new build and retrofit projects, the Coroverge Universal Dry Verge system is a 100% mortar-free, dry fix solution, offering a hard-wearing, durable and attractive finish to the roofline without the inconvenience of using mortar bedding.  Manufactured from lightweight, modern plastic materials that are easy-to-install and weather resistant, the Coroverge Universal Dry Verge system protects the roof verge from wind uplift, pest infestation and weather degradation. Available in Brown, Anthracite Grey and Terracotta, this all-weather system includes Starter Piece, Verge Section, Batten Clip, and, Angled and Half-Round Ridge Caps options to suit the ridge style. Fully adjustable for installation with tiles of between 260mm-350mm gauges, the Coroverge Universal Dry Verge system is quick and easy to install, and offers a wealth of features to make life easier for the installer, giving a more superior dry verge solution for both new build and renovation projects. The temporary ‘True-Line’ guide in the Starter Piece ensures it is correctly lined up with the tiles, guaranteeing perfect alignment on the roof, whilst a handy cut out area provides the flexibility to work around existing gutters. Attention to detail and consideration of the installers needs have played a crucial part in developing this product. The Verge Sections are not handed to fit both the left hand and right hand sides of the roof verge for ease of installation. The ‘True-Connect’ locators fit the ‘True Mount’ allowing adjustable positioning of the Verge Sections to suit various tile gauges. An in-built ‘drip strip’ allows rainwater to run off the Verge, avoiding wall staining and potential damp. There are flex points on the Ridge Caps which allow for differing roof angles and a choice of angled and half round options to suit the ridge style. Commenting on the launch, Paul Goddard, Sales Director of Ariel Plastics said: “With the construction industry reaping the benefits of dry fix products, we have re-engineered the Coroverge Universal Dry Verge System so that it is fast and simple to install, and fully compatible with a wide range of tiles.  It’s set to become the go-to, hassle-free dry verge system for merchant customers, offering a clean, attractive and maintenance-free finish.” Offering the widest choice of roofing sheet, rooflights and roofing accessories available in the UK, industry leader Ariel Plastics is renowned for providing specialist roofing and glazing solutions for any application. The new Coroverge Universal Dry Verge system complements Ariel’s extensive Corodrain roof drainage and Corovent roof ventilation portfolios. Available to watch on Ariel plastics Youtube channel, an installation video takes installers through the process of installing the new Coroverge Universal Dry Verge System. Visit    
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  • For more than 175 years, Longden Doors has provided traditional craftsmanship and expertise to create doorsets that have graced many of the country’s buildings from historic listed buildings to premium residential. Regrettably the company fell into administration in early February 2019, but the acquisition by Kensington Specialist Joinery will ensure the brand continues. As part of the acquisition, Kensington Specialist Joinery has purchased the brand, IP and product certification, ensuring the highly regarded brand will continue to be manufactured at the company’s facility in County Durham. Commenting on the acquisition, Colin Sweeten, Managing Director of Kensington Specialist Joinery, said: “We are delighted to be able to integrate and further develop the long-established Longden Doors brand within our growing joinery business. As a company, we will make sure the future development of Kensington Specialist Joinery will be respectful of and remain true to the brand’s unique heritage.” Established in October 2017, Kensington Specialist Joinery has grown rapidly with sustained development down to the success of its high quality bespoke products and fit-out work.  The company has worked hard to secure work on high-profile projects across a wide range of sectors from residential to hotel and leisure projects. “This is an exciting opportunity and as a company with a strong financial and customer base, we are confident we can make it a great success. We welcome the Longden Doors brand to the group and look forward to developing its range of hardwood joinery products based on its well established brand values of quality, design and certification,” added Colin Sweeten. The business has recently received investments from the private equity firm, Merino Private Equity LLP and, with its support, will continue to forge a reputation for high standards, service and innovation.  As the company continues to grow, it hopes to support the community of Newton Aycliffe with future opportunities of local employment.  Visit
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  • Requested by Sir David Amess MP (pictured), and former firefighter and MP Jim Fitzpatrick (Chairman and Secretary of the All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety & Rescue Group), the first dedicated debate on the subject since 2014 made it abundantly clear that sprinklers should be part of overall fire safety solutions in both new and existing buildings. There was a unified voice across the members in the chamber and we wholeheartedly agree with all the experts – the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) the Building Research Establishment, London Councils, RICS, RIBA and COIB – to act and legislate now. The members emphasised the need to listen to the experts and not the myths. Fire and Rescue Services tackle fires across the country every day. They understand the challenges of those fires and the need to control them quickly to avoid loss of life and damage to property, and of course the danger they are exposed to when firefighting. The NFCC makes it abundantly clear that building standards in England must be enhanced and brought in line with national policy in Scotland and Wales. Sprinklers are essential for building safety and public safety, and should be installed on a mandatory basis to appropriate buildings, not just high rise residential. The evidence shows that sprinkler systems have an operational reliability of 94% and of those cases, they extinguished or contained the fire on 99% of occasions across a wide range of building types.[1] There are no cases on record of multiple fire deaths occurring in buildings with appropriately designed, and properly installed and maintained sprinkler systems. “The ABI states that in the UK no one has ever died from a fire in a fully sprinklered building,” said Jim Fitzpatrick. The evidence also shows that no lives have been lost in the UK due to fire in homes fitted with working domestic sprinkler systems. Furthermore, mistaken perceptions about cost can be dispelled. Sprinklers are not expensive – as little as 1% of the total build if they are included at design stage – and there is overwhelming public support for their use. The debate only served to highlight that we have been kicking the can down the road for far too long and with devastating consequences. This was reiterated by Sir David Amess, “Wales and Scotland are much further ahead in regulating for automatic fire sprinklers in their built environment. This nonsense can no longer go on and we will not accept it. We want action on this, and we want sprinklers to be installed retrospectively, particularly in new school buildings.” Clearly we need to pick the can up and act.  There is a strong body of evidence that tells us that fire sprinklers are an important layer of safety.  They are not being utilised, through ignorance or misunderstanding.  We should be seriously considering a much wider deployment of sprinklers, using them right across the built environment whether it is a hospital, school, retail or leisure facility or commercial and industrial building.The nation will benefit if more are fitted because sprinklers save lives, save businesses, save jobs and protect the environment.  If we act now, we can make a difference. Visit    
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  • The resin-based system was one of 50 shortlisted finalists in this year’s Tomorrow’s Contract Floor (TCF) Awards, which honour the best products and services in the construction industry. The winner was decided by an online poll, with Sika ComfortFloor® gaining an extremely creditable third place. Pete Hollingworth Business Unit Manager for Sika Flooring in the UK said: “This result is a superb endorsement of ComfortFloor®’s proven properties as a safe, durable flooring solution for a range of hygiene-critical applications including schools, hospitals and kitchens through to education facilities or office and retail spaces looking for something which can be tailored to bespoke design schemes.” Shortlisted products in the TCF Awards, now in their eighth year, were selected for their innovation, ease of installation, safety, style, and sustainable qualities. Pete added: "Sika ComfortFloor® is a triumph of technical innovation. It’s proof of the company’s drive to develop flooring systems which simplify the installation process without compromising quality. Congratulations to all those involved in the creation and promotion of this exemplary system."  
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  • This prestigious event will be held at the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel, with the conference covering a wide range of industry related topics from regulatory reform to mental health in construction, along with a detailed technical programme that aims to promote debate and challenge convention. The conference is delighted to welcome back the Reverend Kevin Fear on day two with his keynote address, Mental Health in Construction – What can we do to improve it? Rev Fear is sure to impress again following the phenomenal response from last year’s attendees when he delivered his session on Professional Responsibility and Construction Ethics. The comprehensive exhibition will be populated with a variety of businesses showcasing many innovative products and services. The Built Environment Awards will also be presented at the Conference black-tie gala dinner. The awards are a chance to highlight excellence and details on how to enter can be found at, The event is a must for all Building Professionals. Representing excellent value for money, the event is priced at only £325 + VAT (CABE Members) £375 + VAT (Non-Members) for the full two day residential package. Those booking before 31May 2019 are eligible for a 10% early bird discount. For more information about CABE’s Annual Conference and Exhibition taking place at the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel on 03-04 October 2019, visit If you are interested in exhibiting at our conference please contact Kirri Porter-White on 01604 404121 or email
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  • Launched in 2004, the awards ‘celebrate the best in architecture’ by acknowledging the practices responsible for the most outstanding body of work in the UK. This year’s event includes 18 categories, with Recticel sponsoring the ‘Housing Architect of the Year’ award. Laura Katon, Recticel’s House Building Manager for the Southern Region, who will be attending the awards, said: “We are delighted to lend our support to these superb awards. They highlight the wonderful work of some very talented architects. As innovators of high-performance insulation solutions, Recticel recognises the awards’ commitment to celebrating new and exciting developments in building design.” The entry date for this year’s awards has now closed and a shortlist of finalists has been drawn-up in each category. The winners will be announced at a presentation event on Wednesday, May 1st at the Park Plaza Hotel in London. Visit:
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