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Time to take a fresh look at construction contracts

The construction industry has been traditionally known for its adversarial contracting practices - however, a new wave of thinking is emerging, driven by the need for greater efficiency, innovation...

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Why cybersecurity could be construction’s “Achilles’ Heel”

The construction industry, is undergoing a digital revolution. From design software and project management platforms to connected equipment and drone inspections, digital tools are transforming the...

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Rethinking demolition in a carbon-conscious age

The global market for demolition and renovation is vast, with estimates suggesting a combined value exceeding $5 trillion USD annually. Demolition holds a significant share, particularly in rapidly...

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Green construction – set for massive year on year growth

The global construction industry is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by a growing awareness of the environmental impact of buildings and a collective push towards sustainability. This...

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Lost in translation - how language barriers endanger construction workers

Language barriers on construction sites pose a significant threat to worker safety and can lead to serious accidents and even fatalities. A recent study published in the American Journal of...

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Algae-based bitumen – the future for sustainable roads?

It’s an undeniable fact - traditional bitumen, the sticky black binder that holds asphalt together, the major material used to pave our roads, is derived from petroleum and its production contributes...

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How the “black stuff” is paving the way to sustainability

Asphalt, that ubiquitous black surface, coating our roads, pavements and car parks, is often seen as a necessary, but somewhat unremarkable material. However, ongoing advancements in asphalt...

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A major first step for 3D printed load bearing walls

Stuttgart, Germany, is witnessing a construction revolution – the rise of a building formed entirely through 3D printing technology. This pioneering project, undertaken by Züblin, a German...

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Smart hard hats – taking health and safety another vital step forward

The traditional hard hat, a symbol of construction safety for decades, is getting a high-tech upgrade with a new wave of head protection that integrates sensors, communication technologies and even...

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