1,544 views Aug 27, 2019

Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE), the leading body for professionals specialising in the design, construction, evaluation and maintenance of buildings, has announced that built environment cancer charity We Build The Future will be one of the President’s charities for the coming year.

We Build The Future works to improve support and advice for people who work in the construction and built environment sector who face the challenge of dealing with cancer in their lives. Helping to fund research, which can help accelerate improvements in the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer, the charity aims to promote health and wellbeing across the industry to help reduce the risk of people developing cancer in the first place.

CABE’s objective is to promote and advance the knowledge, study and practice of each and all of the arts and sciences concerned with building technology, planning, design, construction, maintenance and repair of the built environment. Further, it aims to create and maintain a high standard of professional qualification, conduct and practice whilst encouraging and facilitating co-operation between the construction professions.

With members practising in over 55 countries, the organisation has an extensive reach and it is hoped that over the next 12 months through a number of fund raising activities, money can be raised to help further the work of We Build The Future.

Ant Burd, President of CABE said “It is a huge honour for me to be both one of the original trustees of We Build The Future (WBTF) and now the current President of CABE. Given WBTF was specifically set up to support those working in the Built Environment sector it amounts to a perfect fit whereby working with CABE and its 8000+ members we can seek to raise money that will go directly to support and help those in need working within our own sector.”

We Build The Future is an official supporter of the world’s biggest cancer charity, Cancer Research UK. This ensures that any funds raised are used to support research whilst ensuring access to expert information and support for people working in the construction and built environment sector.