Sonify used to refurbish student lounge at Canterbury University


Canterbury Christ Church University decided to refurbish an existing student lounge to contemporise the space and create a fresh, modern and comfortable environment that would elevate the overall student experience. The plans for the new vibrant hub, which also houses the Student Union, included a variety of offices, meeting rooms, and social areas to enable students to deliver a range of activities, events, and services on campus. It also includes a games zone, communal kitchen, lounge area and event spaces to foster collaboration and socialisation.

Main contractors WW Martin and architects HMY Architecture required a ceiling solution that would be striking and stimulating, but that would also provide high-performing acoustic qualities to ensure the environment remained comfortable for students.


Sonify by Zentia was identified as the most suitable solution that would not only meet but exceed the project requirements. Available in an impressive range of 35 colours and 17 shapes, the Sonify system allows you to experiment and create bespoke decorative acoustic rafts that add a stamp of individuality to any project.

Rectangular grey Sonify tiles were used alongside Zentia’s revolutionary patented grid system in black, facilitating easy installation and unrivalled accuracy with minimal panel sway. The acoustic tiles reduce background noise and reverberation, creating a comfortable environment for students.

The system was successfully installed in time for the new academic year to begin by Zentia Pinnacle Partners KRS Interiors. As a Pinnacle Partner, KRS Interiors has exclusive access to Zentia’s off-cut recycling service, enhancing the overall sustainability credentials for the project.

Zentia’s market-leading ceiling solutions have significantly contributed to Canterbury Christ Church University’s commitment to providing an exceptional student experience.

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