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Garden rooms – the new status symbol for those working from home

More than nine years ago it was estimated the market for garden rooms was worth in excess of £100 million. In the last 12 months some experts have estimated that this figure has more than doubled – a direct result of Covid-19 and the move to working from home.

Garden Rooms have been turned into offices, gymnasiums and leisure areas on an unprecedented scale in the last years as homeowners have desperately sought more space and there is every reason to believe that this is a trend that is unlikely to slow down for some time.

For the uninitiated, it is worth pointing out that Garden Rooms are not simply sheds or logs cabins. We are effectively talking about luxury all year-round buildings that provide a major asset to most homes and they have a price tag to match.

It is not unusual to find that an upmarket garden room will cost in excess of £30,000, although there are many cheaper options available. Most householders will be looking for a ready-made kit version, but for those that are really serious, garden rooms can be built to order and offer incredible value for money.

One such company, Essex based TJW Projects, has specialised in building bespoke garden rooms and is undercutting the big boys in the process. As a smaller organisation they can provide rooms that meet the exact specification of the customer rather than having to choose a ready made off the shelf version.

The really good news is that TJW is able to provide exactly what’s needed for up to half of the price of most of its competitors and it is going down very well with customers desperately needing more space.

Garden Rooms currently account for 42% of the outdoor buildings market.  Homeworking has continued to increase in popularity and this has contributed to sales of garden buildings. However, whilst garden rooms were initially seen as a solution to homeworking, increasingly they are being used for a much wider range of activities.

It has almost become a home working status symbol to have an outdoor garden room which can be easily installed and as long as you are not interested in building anything too high then planning permission is not usually required.

Things to consider are a good base, usually the versatile concrete slab and if you want to use the room all year round then insulation is also required in addition to services such as electricity and internet for office working.

When is the trend likely to slow up – not for a good many years according to the experts so why not plan your garden room now?

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