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One stop floor installation solution

Floor installation in large commercial and industrial premises can be an extremely arduous challenge. Coordinating the project’s various elements such as specification, installation and aftercare requirements - not to mention obtaining a guarantee of the flooring system’s long-term performance - can involve a myriad of companies whose systems must be compatible with each other and the surface to which they are being applied.

Single-point service

Time is money in business, which is why every aspect of a commercial floor’s refurbishment must run as seamlessly as possible in order to minimise disruption to staff and production levels. This is achieved with fewer issues and - potentially - far less cost when a single supplier is responsible for the start-to-finish delivery of new flooring. This includes providing all the technical expertise, quality materials, workmanship and a single-point warranty as part of a service as seamless as the finished flooring itself. It’s an offering Sika has been successfully providing for clients far and wide for many years.  

Each floor has a unique set of requirements: from traffic and mechanical wear to chemical resistance and temperature or fire resistance and rapid curing, to name but a few. A single-point supplier is able to negotiate that convoluted path of possible solutions to specify and provide precisely the right materials for the appropriate job, thus relieving the client of dealing with a crucial issue that will ultimately decide whether a project succeeds or fails.  

This single point of contact approach simplifies logistics which is also good news for the installer. Instead of having to juggle the delivery of each separate flooring element from a number of suppliers, it’s possible to break down your shipment so you receive delivery of the correct product when you need it, keeping your build programme on track. And when you consider that most sites have limited space, it’s best to avoid all flooring materials arriving at the same time.

With more than 40 years’ experience and a leader in the development of innovative flooring systems, Sika is well placed to provide specifiers and installers with a range of products that take into account design life, operational requirements, construction joints and installation details. No matter what the application, Sika can provide the one-stop-shop total flooring solution.

On the level

Sika can start with the substrate, with a new range of self-levelling cementitious compounds which can meet an almost unlimited combination of substrate requirements to create a perfectly flat finish each and every time. No matter what the material is below or whatever finish you require on top, the new portfolio of self-levelling compounds and primers are easy to apply, quick drying and have very low shrinkage, ready for a huge range of floor coverings.

Used in conjunction with Sika’s Flooring range, these new Sika screeds enable the company to become one of the select few manufacturers to offer a total floor specification solution backed-up with a single guarantee for total build up.

With the Schonox range of products allied to the rest of the Sika Screed range there is now five different new self-levelling compounds and three primers, allied to the rest of the comprehensive Sika range, there is now a Sika cementitious flooring solution for every type of non-industrial project – from homes to offices, schools and healthcare premises. Furthermore, you will find the perfect substrate for all the popular types of floor finish, including parquet, vinyl, linoleum and LVT or resin flooring.

Thanks to Sika’s one-stop-shop solution, it’s never been to ensure your business is equipped with suitable, high-quality flooring that is installed to last.