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Why you should not delay getting your boiler repaired

Having a fully working boiler that provides you with hot water and heating is essential. It doesn’t matter whether your boiler is a commercial boiler or a domestic one; what is important is that if there is a fault with it you contact someone to come and look at it as soon as possible and get it repaired writes Krysta Jakson.

Having your boiler serviced on an annual basis is a good idea. It will make sure that your boiler is running properly, and any small issues are dealt with before they become bigger problems. This also has the added advantage in the event of an unexpected issue you can contact the company who carry out your commercial boiler servicing, who will already be familiar with your boiler, and they will be happy to come and take a look at it sooner rather than later.


Whilst having your boiler repaired might be one of those costs that you could do without, it is important to make sure that any fault on your boiler is repaired as soon as you notice there is an issue. If you do not act promptly, then there is potential that your boiler could become worse. It doesn’t take long for this to happen and I could ultimately result in a costlier boiler repair later down the line. In winter this could be as a result of the pipes freezing and then also needing to be repaired. Not only might the repairs be more serious and end up costing you more but if your boiler is leaking it has the potential to damage other things such as floors, all of which could end up adding to your final repair bill.


Whilst there is no legal minimum, or indeed maximum, temperature in the UK in respect of the workplace there is a requirement for employers to make sure that during working hours the temperature in any indoor workplace is kept at a reasonable level. The website recommends that in the case of employees working in an office this should be a minimum of 16ºC. Alternatively, in the case of employees who do physical work, it should be around 13ºC. If your boiler breaks in the winter and you are not able to keep your business warm enough for your employees to work in comfortably, you may end up sending everyone home. This will of course mean you would end up losing money. Whether this happens as a result of lost manufacturing or through the need to pay your employees even though they are not actually working the result will of course be the same.

Winter boiler failure could even mean you lose future business when customers find that they are unable to contact you and decide to take their business elsewhere. This is why prompt commercial boiler repair can be vital to any business and why you want to use a company who can repair your boiler as soon as possible.


If your boiler, and therefore your heating system, run off gas or oil, any fault that it develops has the potential to give off carbon monoxide. Known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide is both odourless and tasteless which make it very difficult to detect. It only takes a very short while for carbon monoxide to take its hold and inhaling the gas can result in either a coma or death. Faulty heating is linked to the deaths of around 50 people each year with the deaths caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you suspect that there is something wrong with your boiler then it is certainly worth making that call and having it checked out as soon as possible. Fixing a problem sooner can not only benefit your health, but your pocket as well.