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Merazzo – a mastic asphalt floor with the ability to surprise

Mastic asphalt is a waterproofing material that has really stood the test of ages. Some say it was used by Noah to waterproof the Ark and there is considerable evidence to show that it has been used since ancient times.

Most architects would say they know everything there is to know about mastic asphalt and many probably regard it as a bit old fashioned when compared to many so called alternatives.

But they would be wrong because mastic asphalt still remains full of surprises and one company Bell Asphalte based in Bexley, Kent, is turning a few heads, especially with specifiers with a new kind of “Terrazzo” flooring and paving.

It uses mastic asphalt as its base material mixed with stone chippings to produce a magnificent affect which is marketed as Merazzo to reflect the distinctive look of traditional Italian flooring and paving, at a highly affordable price.

Slip resistant, seamless and available in a wide range of colours and finishes, Merazzo offers infinite design possibilities and applications and is already being specified and installed on a wide variety of projects.

It is produced in one of five distinctive colours, black, red, grey, beige or brown and is completed by a choice of stone chippings, also available in a wide range of different colours.

The Merazzo floor or paving is then installed and finished to the correct specification - either highly polished, matt, smooth or simply rough. Merazzo is a decorative floor which means it can be easily used in shopping malls, schools or hospitals offering years of trouble free service.

Its high strength and durability means that Merazzo is equally suitable for outdoor roads, car parks and pavements.

Without doubt it is the biggest innovation for mastic asphalt in – well – thousands of years and well worth checking out.


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