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Taking the Pain out of Risk Assessment

Bedfordshire based Risk Management Company THSP believe they have a winner with a Risk Assessment Builder that is making quite an impact. It is getting great reviews and has already been shortlisted for two awards – so probably worth a look.

Risk Assessment will never go away, so those responsible for ensuring the safety of their colleagues will always be seeking ways to simplify their task. At the same time they will need peace of mind should an incident lead to a court case following an accident.  .

The new guide offers an easy step by step process that takes the assessor through each stage of the assessment, and intuitive selection processes. The end result is a comprehensive, accurate assessment of the task at hand. 

THSP’s Health and Safety Director, Chris Ivey says, “The guide helps to cut down the paperwork by carrying out a single assessment for a task, rather than having a compilation of documents for each activity.  Not only will this eliminate the repetition of control measures, our Risk Assessment Builder (RAB) will also challenge the assessor to think about the process prior to assessing the risk, and if any elements of the task can be eliminated at that point, people will be safer in their workplace.

“The process is simple and the programme intuitive.  Then once the assessment is complete, action plans based on control measures and responsibilities, can be emailed directly to your staff or contractor.  The Assessments can be viewed on any device – phone, tablet or PC.

“The assessment shows clearly how much the residual risk rating has been reduced by implementing the additional control measures, and if you consider this is not sufficient before you proceed with the work, you simply amend the assessment to ensure it is designed to make the risk acceptable.” 

A risk assessment is a living document designed to make workplaces safer.  However, should anyone make amendments to an assessment using the THSP RAB, the name of the assessor becomes that of the new user, as does the responsibility for its accuracy. 

An annual subscription allows for five users including one administrator, and additional users can be added when required allowing the creation of as many assessments as needed.  Company logos can be added to help staff take ownership of their assessment.

A trial version is available at www.riskassessmentbuilder.com   Online guides will take you through the process – to help you decide for yourself

By Adrienne Massey, Managing Director