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We are dedicated to helping small businesses grow. We are also aware that many skilled builders, carpenters, plumbers, plasterers, electricians, bricklayers, sole traders - all types of people like you, who make their business in construction - do not have a website or can afford one. Well now you can - because we will build you your very own web page - totally free of charge - and we will host it here at Talk.Build. You can be part of one of the world’s fastest growing website communities. As well as your own web page you can submit stories, images and case studies about your business, at any time - which we will also publish on our  main website - also free of charge

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This is “The Hub”, from Talk.Build – especially developed for small up and coming building companies like yours - and this is how it could change your business:

  • Get your Own Dedicated Web Page: Showcase your company with a custom page on our high-traffic website. Send us the details that matter - your services, specialties, what makes you unique, your company logo, images of past work - and of course, your contact information.
  • We use all your information: We then build your page and when you happy with the look and the content, we make it live and your business has a shop window on the internet.
  • Give your company real street cred: When you have your own web page, your customers will take you and your business more seriously
  • Drive Traffic & New Customers: You can then promote your Talk.Build page through your own social media channels, attracting potential customers who are actively searching for services like yours.
  • We will also help promote your business: You will have the opportunity to feature your company on the wider Talk.Build website – free of charge.
  • Easy Content Updates: Keep your page fresh and informative! We add, on your behalf, new content like project updates, testimonials, or special offers whenever you want. You don’t have to do a thing.
  • Lots of other benefits: With a web page on Talk.Build you can submit stories to promote your company for publication on the main website – totally free of charge.

What if I already have a website?

You can still be part of the hub with an additional shop window on Talk.Build to showcase your business. When we build your page, we will also create a link back to your website to boost your SEO presence

Is there a cost?

  • We build you web page on Talk.Build, totally free of charge and there is nothing to pay until it is approved by you.
  • Any future updates to your page – totally free of charge.
  • Hosting your webpage – totally free of charge.

You get all this and more for a low monthly rental subscription of just £5. There are no additional charges, contracts or hidden extras – you get your own web page for just £5 a month’

How do I sign up?

You simply click the register button below to start the process. Don't worry - we do not ask for payment or credit card details until we have built - and you are happy with - and have approved your exclusive web page.

What do we need from you?

  1. Up to 500 words about your company, what makes it special, what do your offer that makes your business unique, how long have you been providing building services etc
  2. Your company logo – preferably supplied as a Jpeg.
  3. Up to six images which showcase your work, together with suitable caption details.
  4. Your contact details such as name, address (if appropriate) and most importantly you e-mail address.

What happens next?

We build your web page using the information provided by you and then send you a link for approval. Once you are happy with the page, we ask for your first monthly subscription payment of £5 and your page will go live on our Talk.Build website.

You can send us new content/images at any time, which we will add or amend on your page as required.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time without penalty.

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