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Exploring graphene-enhanced materials in construction

The world of construction is on the cusp of a revolution, driven by the potential of a remarkable material – graphene. This wonder material, composed of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a...

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Self-healing roads and piezoelectric power

Potholes and road cracks represent a significant economic burden for cities and transportation agencies. The constant cycle of repair and deterioration consumes vast sums of money and disrupts...

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Bio-Mimicry – the “Hush Manifesto” for construction

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that one in four Europeans is chronically annoyed by noise, which translates to roughly 178 million people across the continent. Anecdotal evidence...

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Cool roofs and why they will continue to grow

Hotter summers are helping to create uncomfortable living and working environments in towns and cities across the globe. Extreme heat events are becoming more frequent due to climate change – and...

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Wind-power for cranes – a construction game changer?

Wind energy, a clean and renewable resource, is emerging as a game-changer for the construction industry – with innovations that continue to surprise. By harnessing the power of the wind,...

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Are empty desks a construction opportunity?

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally altered the way we are employed. With millions transitioning to remote work, office buildings across the Western world stand eerily empty, sparking a critical...

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How new regulations are reshaping the construction industry

The construction industry has long been known for its focus on cost. Traditionally, the lowest bidder has nearly always secured the project, leading to concerns about cutting corners and compromising...

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Combating repetitive strain injuries in construction

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) are a major concern for construction teams worldwide, affecting a significant percentage of the workforce. These injuries, caused by repeated forceful movements,...

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Prioritising mental health in construction

It has been an open secret for many years - construction workers face a unique set of challenges that contribute to higher rates of mental health issues compared to the general population....

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