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How a sharing economy could redefine construction

The construction industry, for all its advancements, has a reputation for being slow to adapt, but change is on the horizon, stimulated by the disruptive potential of a sharing economy. It is an...

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Construction careers – is it time to change the tune?

Let's face it, the construction industry has a bad habit. For decades, the approach to attracting young talent has been like a scratched record, repeating the same tired message: We need young people...

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Saudi Arabia and China announce large-scale housing development

We are used to seeing Chinese companies deliver massive infrastructure projects, particularly in the third world, but far less is reported about their abilities to provide new homes outside of their...

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Is Bali’s building code a model for sustainable development?

Bali, known as the "Island of the Gods" has a booming tourist industry, but it raises a crucial question for the construction industry - can the two co-exist without sacrificing the very essence of...

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Noise pollution - the silent threat to construction workers

Studies consistently show that construction workers have significantly higher rates of hearing loss compared to the general population and we know that this can lead to anxiety, depression and social...

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AI and the future of architecture

For centuries, architects have been the visionaries behind our built environment, from the timeless elegance of Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie style to the gravity-defying curves of Zaha Hadid's...

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Resilient infrastructure - building to withstand the storm

For generations, engineers have been the architects of our built environment, conquering geographical challenges with iconic bridges and shaping cityscapes with towering monuments. However, the...

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The evolution and promise of solar power

Solar energy has transformed from a niche technology to a rapidly growing industry, poised to revolutionise the way we power our world. Today, the solar power industry is booming and it will continue...

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How green hydrogen will transform construction by 2040

We all know that the construction industry is a major contributor of global greenhouse gas emissions. From the production of building materials like steel and concrete to the operation of heavy...

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