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Kicking extravaganza and not a point wasted

Not our usual kind of construction blog but we at talk.build thought this was a fun event and deserved an airing. We hope you agree

What happens when waste management and rugby collide? A kicking extravaganza, as it turns out!

Back in July, Championship rugby team London Irish hosted a kicking competition with their main sponsors, waste management experts Powerday. Skips and wheelie bins, all varying in size, were set up as targets for the players, making for an interesting spectacle.

If you’re intrigued to see who came out on top, take a look at the video below.



Powerday provided skips and wheelie bins of varying sizes to serve as targets - the smaller the target, the higher the score. The players then battled it out to see who could come out on top, with each player getting three attempts to build up points. It’s certainly harder than it looks.

If you think you could best the professionals, why don’t you try your hand at the online game, London Irish’s Rugby Kick Challenge? Warning: it’s highly addictive!

The game is sponsored by Powerday and allows you to choose one of 10 players to take 10 kicks with. Go for the gold skip for 10 points, or the blue skips for 5 points each. Watch the direction bar and click at the right moment to hit the skips. Happy kicking.

Play the Game - https://www.powerday.co.uk/rugby-kick-challenge/

Don’t forget to share your score on Facebook and Twitter to stake your claim to the skip-kicking crown.