Environmental 1,820 views Oct 09, 2018
Are Londoners willing to go green?

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has already gone on record to state that he wants to make the Capital a zero-carbon city by 2050 writes Kevin Knapp, CEO, Ecolution Renewables. It will be a major challenge and one that will only be achieved if Londoners are willing to embrace green technology.

The Mayor has already put his considerable political weight behind a Solar Action Plan to persuade homeowners and businesses across the Capital to install photovoltaic panels to generate green electricity – and thousands are taking advantage of this initiative, benefitting from reduced installation costs and long term energy savings.

It’s a welcome step forward but more could be done if householders and businesses would be willing to accept the Mayor’s challenge and even better – be prepared to go that extra mile, to help reduce air pollution across the Capital while significantly reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

We call that extra mile #JointheEcolution which combines photovoltaic panels with advanced HyCube battery storage units further linked to electric charging points (EV) turning every household and business into its own virtual power station.

With more electric cars on the road it means less pollution. Photovoltaics linked to storage units would also help to make buildings energy self-sufficient, with the ability to save and share that energy with others. It’s joined up green energy which could totally transform the way we power our homes and businesses in the future.

The advantages are there for all to see. In the first month alone of 2018, London’s air pollution reached the legal limit for the entire year so anything that encourages the use of electric cars has to be welcome.

Air toxicity has been at illegal levels in urban areas in the UK, including London, since 2010, resulting in around 40,000 early deaths a year. Add on our reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear and the word green seems a long way off.

Now is the time to change all that and invest in renewables otherwise what will we leave for the next generation – London smog. As I recall - we have been there before and we did not like it.

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