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Exploring AR and VR in the Construction

In today's rapidly evolving construction landscape, technological innovations are reshaping traditional practices and paving the way for more efficient and effective project execution. Among these...

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Steel - The future of this construction powerhouse

Steel, the ubiquitous metal that has shaped skylines and infrastructure for centuries, sits at a crossroads. While it remains a dominant force in construction, with a global market size exceeding...

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How engineers and designers are transforming the world of bridge building

Bridges have served as crucial connectors for centuries, fostering trade, facilitating travel, and symbolising progress. Today, the field of bridge building is experiencing a renaissance, driven by...

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The rise and rise of polymer concrete

Traditional concrete has served society for millennia, forming the backbone of our cities and infrastructure. But as demands for performance, sustainability, and innovation rise, a new contender has...

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The case for autonomous demolition robots

The construction industry is no stranger to innovation - and autonomous demolition robots are a prime example of how technology is transforming even the most physically demanding tasks. These robots,...

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Reclaiming polluted land for a sustainable future

Across the globe, sprawling industrial landscapes and abandoned sites cast long shadows, remnants of our dependence on heavy industry and unsustainable practices. These scars on the land, often...

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Exploring innovations in glass construction

From the towering skylines of Dubai to the intricate facades of museums, glass has become a defining element of modern architecture. Yet, the story of glass in construction is far from over. Today,...

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Building with the rubble of the past

Fact - the construction industry generates huge amounts of waste. It is a major global issue, with an estimated 2.2 billion tons generated annually. That's roughly the equivalent of throwing away...

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Earthscrapers - China’s subterranean revolution

Think for a moment about a city where skyscrapers no longer exist, but are hidden below ground. This is not science fiction – it's the rise of the earthscraper, China's audacious architectural gamble...

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