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Tesla - will this be the future for solar energy?

Solar panels have had a bit of a roller coaster ride in the UK in recent years with the Government seemingly unable to offer any other kind of sustained support for this kind of green energy but when a major player such as Tesla decides to enter the market then it’s time we all took notice.

Tesla, better known for high powered electric cars, has launched a solar roof – which eliminates the need for conventional panels by offering a mixture of solar roof tiles and traditional tiles. To all intents and purposes few would see the difference, once installed, between the Tesla roof and something more conventional.

The company offers four different types solar roofing in smooth and textured finishes. The tiles are made with tempered glass and according to Tesla are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles, yet half the weight and carry a lifetime warranty. Tesla say that the current versions of the tiles do have a two percent loss on efficiency, so 98 percent of what you’d normally get from a traditional solar panel.

The roof will come at a price. It is estimated that an 800 square foot roof on a two-storey house will cost of roughly £23.20 per square foot. Add on the fact that traditional tiles would also be needed for more detailed work then that cost is more likely to be £36.30 per square foot installed.

The upside of course is that once completed the roof should take care of all or most of that household’s electricity needs as the system come with powerful battery units so that homeowners can keep something in reserve at night and during winter months.

Like all solar installations, efficiencies will only be as good as the weather; however, we should start to see Tesla roofs appearing the UK in 2018 and because the company is so committed to the environment and already has such a strong brand name, they are likely to make quite an impact. The added bonuses are the distinctive good looks offered by a solar roof against solar panels. UK customers can pre-order tiles using the GB-facing Tesla Energy website - .

While Tesla have not given details as to who will install their tiles in the UK – perhaps this is an opportunity for a British company to step in – there is no doubt that this will be the start of a new trend. Major companies do not enter new markets unless they are confident of a return and Tesla has an incredible environmental; track record of success – so it is almost a case of watch this space.

We will be watching with interest and so should Tesla’s competitors – looks like solar is about to heat up.

By John Ridgeway 

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