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Making fast work on commercial roofing projects

Time is of the essence in business, particularly the roofing business. Delays, however minimal, incurred during commercial new-build or refurbishment projects can lead to disproportionate costs to the client writes Mahroof Hussain, Area Technical Manager at Sika-Trocal . When someone falls behind schedule in a multi-trade works programme, the knock-on effect can be disastrous. If a roof’s waterproofing is held-up, for instance, interior works are also likely to be delayed with the building not-yet weatherproof. This means the installation of floors, walls, electrics, plumbing and the like are also invariably put on hold. The accumulative effect of this type of stalling could set a project back weeks and months, rather than hours or days. 

Rapid development

Product innovation and the streamlining of the building process itself is vital to helping contractors, developers  etc, fulfilling the country’s need for more housing, for example.  Sika-Trocal’s Type S 1.5mm waterproof roof membrane presents a fine example of a system created specifically for the 21st century roofing market. Suitable for new and refurbishment projects, the Type S system uses specially formulated Sika-Trocal laminated discs to fasten the membrane and the insulation to the substrate.

The mechanical-fixing process has been proven to speed-up the roof waterproofing process by up to 30%. The improved rapidity is aided by the solvent-welding method devised to fuse the overlapping membrane rolls; a practice pioneered by Sika in the UK. Employing this method process, rather than the more traditional heat-welding practice, also results in a neater, more attractive waterproof finish. Heat welding requires a temperature of more than 350°C in order to successfully fuse membrane layers. Although there is no naked flame involved, in inexperienced hands a membrane is at risk of burning using this method. Mechanically-fixed, solvent-welded membranes also require less equipment to install. This benefit, along with its time-saving attributes which help reduce on-site working hours, means the Type S system helps cut pollution caused by machine-based emissions.

Wind resistant 

The Type S system comprises a vapour control layer and insulation, which is held in place by the Sika-Trocal discs. These are spot-welded to the membrane. The fixings mean the whole system is mechanically-fastened to a roof’s structural deck. The added strength this provides makes the Type S membrane an ideal waterproof solution for roofs located in exposed areas where high wind uplift is a common hazard.

Speed of installation and reliable, long-term performance are the properties which attract contractors and renowned commercial brands to specify Sika-Trocal’s Type S. Supermarket stores nationwide such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda have recently been fitted with the system. Its rapid delivery minimises disruption to businesses, hence its specification in September for a new Morrisons store where its installation across a 600m2 roof area was completed in an incredible three days.

The system’s speedy installation doesn’t compromise its quality, however. It is why Sika-Trocal’s Type S system is the rapid, long-term solution when it comes to waterproof roofing.